James Nader is a British Fashion Photographer and image-maker, establishing himself as a fashion photographer in UK and then Europe over the last 20 years, Having been trained in the classic analogue photographic and printing processes Nader has crafted his aesthetic and cinematic style using his intimate knowledge of these processes and his effortless narrative fashion style combined with the ability to document seemingly intimate moments in a polished and aspirational way. After studying traditional photography in the UK and then the States to learn his craft, he is now becoming a driving force behind today’s top editorial and fashion photography.

His understanding of concepts, lighting and design and his unique editorial style with his edgy interpretations enable James to understand conceptualise and create a masterful images which has gained respect with Art Buyers and Editors alike both in the UK and the States. While working consistently within a commercial setting, James continues to develop his personal viewpoint through ongoing fashion editorial & conceptual photography. Not only depicting fashion, he is beginning to define it with his flashback to the heady days of printed magazines, location shooting and perfect monochromatic interpretations. His inspirations are varied, culled from design, art, cinema and literature. Nader is now portraying some of our leading actresses and entertainers, defining the relationships between celebrity and fashion in the process.

James has built a reputation for the utmost professionalism and high levels of excellence. His is able to secure the trust and confidence of all his clients, this is what he believes contributes to the most striking imagery which meets a clients understanding and objectives every time.

James has worked for brands, agencies and clients alike offering high quality and animated captures which set his style aside from many. Recently developing his celebrity portfolio shootin and he continues to build and develop his own skills in video and editing and is shooting  more on film and analogue with his ongoing business relationship with Ilford UK getting back to traditional techniques. James skillset is complete offering a client full production abilities – he can light, photograph, shoot video, retouch and post-produce.